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Evo magazine porsche carrera gt

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The Porsche Carrera GT Project Code is a mid-engine [4] sports car that was manufactured by German automobile manufacturer Porsche between — For its advanced technology and development of its chassis the Popular Science magazine granted the "Best of What's New" award Evo magazine porsche carrera gt Porsche at the time had planned on a new Le Mans prototype for The car was initially intended to use a turbocharged flat-6but was later redesigned to use a new V10 enginepushing the project back to planned completion in The V10 was a unit secretly built by Porsche for the Footwork Formula One team inbut later shelved.

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The engine was resurrected for the Le Mans prototype and increased in size to 5. The project was canceled after two days of testing for the first car, in mid, mostly due to Porsche's wish to build the Cayenne SUV with involvement from Volkswagen and Audithus requiring engineering expertise to be pulled from the motorsports division.

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Porsche did keep part of the project alive by using the 5. Surprising interest in the vehicle and an influx of revenue provided from the Cayenne helped Porsche decide to produce the car, and development started on a road-legal version that would be produced in small numbers at Porsche's new manufacturing facility in Leipzig. Originally a production run of 1, cars was planned.

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However, Porsche announced in August that it would not continue production of the Carrera GT through tociting discontinuation was due to changing airbag regulations in the United States. By the end of production on May 6,more than 1, GTs had been sold, with a total of units sold in the United States and 31 units sold in Canada.

The Carrera GT is powered by a 5. Custom colours were later available from the factory.

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A traditional six-speed manual transmission is the only available transmission. The Carrera GT has large side inlets and air dams that help cool the large V10 engine framed by the carbon fibre rear bonnet.

The interior is trimmed in soft leather.

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Bose audio system and a navigation system were standard. In typical Porsche fashion, the ignition is to the left of the steering wheel.

This placement dates back to the early days of Le Mans racing when drivers were required to make a running start, hop into their cars, start them and Evo magazine porsche carrera gt the race. The placement of the ignition enabled the driver to start the car with the left hand and put it in gear with the right. Originally, the car had a beechwood gearknob, which pays homage to the wooden gearknob used in the Porsche Le Mans race car.

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