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In Septemberthe 5-foot-4, green-eyed brunette beauty booked a 4,square-foot suite at the Four Seasons with degree views of Manhattan for her debut game. A TV hummed in the background with George W.

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Bush reading his speech about the plummeting economy. The billionaires and millionaires played until the sun came up. Bloom grew up in Loveland, Colorado, with her dad, a Colorado State University professor, mom and two brothers.

Despite undergoing spinal surgery at age 12 for scoliosis, Bloom excelled in skiing.

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Shortly after going away to the University of Colorado at Boulder to study political science, she made the US Ski Team, placing third overall in the country in Bloom was leaving her first shift in Beverly Hills when she was nearly hit by a silver Mercedes-Benz. She eventually became his assistant, helping with duties at the real-estate fund he owned and organizing a little poker game he hosted on the side for celebs at the Viper Room, the iconic nightclub in which his company had a stake.

Green handed the reins of the game over to Bloom, Alex mccourt naked pictures was clueless about poker — not knowing the difference between a blind and Alex mccourt naked pictures buy-in.

Clad in a sweet navy-blue dress with a bow and old heels from her college days, Bloom greeted guests for her first game as they showed up at the front door at 6: She quickly learned that the key to keeping her high-profile players happy was keeping out the pros, who could easily pocket the six-figure pots, and maintaining the mystique of the game, which meant turning down players and keeping the whole thing hush-hush — not even telling her roommate what she was up to.

Bloom turned away most spectators, knowing discretion was key, but when Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen showed up one night on the arms of a billionaire she was trying to woo into the game, she bent the rules.

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Each player had his own quirks, Bloom noticed. He demanded a spread of vegan desserts during the games and to know whom his competition would be before each game.

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When the heated game got down to Maguire and Wideman, Wideman called, scooping up the massive pot. The actor smiled politely, while pulling his phone out to text Bloom under the table.

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Maguire still came out on top that night but gave the smallest tip. He told her it was, so long as she profited only from tips, not the game itself. Bloom noticed that the expensive surroundings made the guys more willing to raise the stakes.

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Business grew, with Bloom hosting her first tournament in Vegas inand then she had a chance to move her game to the East Coast — where the Wall Street money was. Bloom began demanding a percentage of the multimillion-dollar pots — crossing the line into illegal activity.

Bloom got a luxe apartment Alex mccourt naked pictures downtown Manhattan and recruited a bevy of beautiful women to work her games.

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If I could get [a player] to view me as a woman whom he could save by simply paying his debt, I had a much better chance of collecting. So when her driver introduced her to two massive guys offering to be her muscle inBloom declined.

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I opened my mouth to scream, and he pulled out a gun from under his jacket and slammed me back against the wall. Bloom pleaded with the man, told her where she kept her cash, but he continued to punch her in the face — interested in revenge, not money.

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Things went from bad to worse after the attack, as one of her players was indicted by the government for running a Ponzi scheme. Bloom had to testify against hedge-fund manager Brad Ruderman, who was apparently using her games to Alex mccourt naked pictures investors in his business. Months later, Bloom was heading to one of her games when a player texted her that the feds had crashed it looking for her. The former high roller lived a Alex mccourt naked pictures life in Colorado until two years later, inwhen she moved back to LA and shortly after got a knock on her door from the FBI.

She was charged, along with 30 others, with participating in two Russian-American organized-crime enterprises engaged in gambling and money laundering. I had a grand adventure. The feud between the Obamas and 'Hildebeest'.

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View author archive email the author follow on twitter Get author RSS feed. The Yankee encouraged Bloom to take her game to Miami, where he owned a beachfront condo.

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WireImage In Septemberthe 5-foot-4, green-eyed brunette beauty booked a 4,square-foot suite at the Four Seasons with degree views of Manhattan for her debut game. He folded most hands and listened to music on huge headphones.

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