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John and carlos boys nude

Good Video 18+ John and carlos boys nude.

Some private photos must be not shared.

Just as an example, I've...

Including the respect of your own friends. Many thanks in advance and appreciation. It's a trust, a promise made between friends.

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Would you have someone break such a trust?? ONE of those photos managed, somehow, to slip out recently. Noone seems to know how, but it did, nonetheless.

“” takes you inside the...

It's a hazard of trusting people, and sharing. Sooner or later, someone will "leak" something to someone else, who "leaks" it to someone else, and eventually it's in the hands of someone who doesn't care about the boys, or their privacy, or "trust.

It may happen again, but I sincerely hope it doesn't, for the boys' sake. What I'm saying here, David, is that it's not selfishness, or private greed, that's keeping more photos from being posted.


A promise made, in fact, to a very special boy. A promise made for some very good reasons, including his privacy, his safety, and his fear of a repeat of a trip through Hell they all endured some years ago. Is that asking too much?

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Just as an example, I've personally had that later photo of John since very early in It was given to me as a special treasure, on the promise that it'd go no further. I got it because I was trusted. I promised, and that's that. I must add, btw, that in spite of the many rumors I've watched flying by over time, there's been no "disbandment," nor have there been arrests, or any of the other interesting twists I've read in these groups. Yes, most all of the boys have moved on, and moved away, but only because their lives have moved on.

They're growing, and happy, and healthy, and they even stay in touch. No laws, and no "evil", were involved in it at all. Just the flow of life. John still lives with the same adopted father he lived with in He's 15, and as of now, he's spoiled rotten, a total football fanatic, an absolutely confirmed naturist who wears clothes only when he's forced to, and a total nutcase.

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He also speaks vastly better English than I speak Spanish, and he's developed a serious fascination with photography. And he's getting good at it Let them be, David. If promises are kept, you won't see more until after they're grown.

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And then, it'll be up to them. I don't rule out the possibility that John, himself, might be the poster. In maybe or so Take care, and see ya. Most of us who do continue to: Certainly I am happy: Of course I would love to have: Are they doing well also? You "unlurk" pretty rarely these days. John and carlos boys nude to see you! KidHacker NP-b54 The safety of the boys is the utmost priority.

They endured some serious Hell a few years ago because of a mistake. They survived it, and they also learned from it. Now, what they want most is to grow up, being themselves, without further exposure.

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They already gave us enough. Anything further would, for us, just be "icing on the cake. As to the other boys: Carlos, a few years ago, moved "upcountry" with his family, shortly after the last posted photos of him were taken. He bashed in during an ICQ session a year or so ago, so I know he's still "around.

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Beyond that, I know little more than "he's kool. As of now, it's over and done with, and I've heard he's doing well, and all is kewl with him as well.

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