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Do messenger calls show on phone bill

Naked Galleries Do messenger calls show on phone bill.

Big community funding update! Phone communication and keeping it off the books September 2, 9: We are on opposite coasts in the US. What methods can we use to call and text each other so that our respective phone numbers do not show up on the monthly phone bill?

Do we need to move to a different service? Do we need to get new phones on an account different from our current ones? Has anyone used pay as you go phones?

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How do they work, are they billed to your credit card or do you buy calling minutes? If you buy calling minutes via the cards available in stores and use your current phone with them, will the numbers show up on your bill? We're clueless as to your options, so any help or tips would be appreciated.

If you both spend most of your time in wi-fi, install skype on both your phones easy on an iphone and possible on other handsets and you can effectively call and text each other that way. Alas the carriers block skype from working over the air, only over wi-fi.

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Seconding skype, sneaky person. If you don't mind doing your dark deeds on your computer, skype calls are free between skype users and it's great for chat. I haven't yet gotten skype to work on my blackberry didn't work to my satisfaction on my classic bb, haven't tried on the Curve yetso no useful comments to make there.

With regards to prepaid: You buy minutes on cards, and you need a separate phone for them, so they won't be connected to your current billing at all.

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They're exactly what you want, assuming you're willing to use a separate phone. Get Google mobile accounts. Yes, skype and email. Cell phone bills exist to prove you made and received the calls they billed you for.

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So there's no way you're going to find a system where you're both using your cell plan, and not having a record made of it. Instead, get a smartphone, and a separate email account. Use the email account instead of text messaging.

Use skype to make calls when you're in a wifi zone. Your only other option is to get a separate pay-as-you-go phone that you use for these calls. Then each party could buy one of these. I have a prepaid Virgin Mobile phone on their per minute plan. You can buy the phones and the minutes sold in the form of a gift card in cash at any discount department store.

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There is no accounting of the calls available via paper or web, the only accessible record sans a court order, I'd imagine will be the call log on the individual phones. Prepaid gets expensive if you are using them a lot, however.

I'm not exactly sure how google voice works, but couldn't you use it? If you call your google voice number from your cellphone and do the thing that lets you then call a number FROM that google voice number, it seems like that would bypass the cell phone company's recording of the phone number -- the call would still appear of course, but to the google voice number instead of Other Person's number.

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And on my phone bill it doesn't record who my texts were sent to, just how many, but if yours does you can do email-to-text or something like that. Probably the same for you?

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I like the Skype idea; provided you're around internet connections frequently, Skype-to-Skype calls are free. But if you use Skype to call a real phone it costs, although the rates are very good, even international.

If you end up doing the latter you will have Skye listed on your credit card statement, if you pay via Paypal, for example. This would not show anyone who you're calling, of course, but it would show them that you had purchased Skype credit in order to make calls. Oh, and if someone with a Skype account calls your physical phone the number will show up as something like ; that may be just for texts with calls coming from "Private Number" or something like that.

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Not traceable to anyone Unless they have a Skype phone number a per month cost. Other than that, pre-paid is your best choice. It can get expensive but you can do everything with cash and it'll be very difficult to trace.

The physical phone is still a risk, however. In that case you should religiously delete any texts from the phone and clear the log after every call, and Do messenger calls show on phone bill the other party's number memorized, never in contacts.

Not sure how it works in the US, but here in the UK you can just buy a pay-as-you-go sim card and insert it into your current handset which must be on the same network, or unlocked.

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That way you would only have to hide the sim card rather than a second phone. Although I'm not sure whether texts, call details, etc made with the PAYG sim card would be saved to the sim card or the handset. If I were attempting to stay in communication with my mistress while she was on the opposite coast just picking one hypothetical situation out of the surely multiple reasons why you might want to hide your communique's Another option would be to get a calling card; you can pick one up at any supermarket.

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Then you'd dial the number on the calling card from your existing phone, and through their system call your friend. Calling cards tend to have very cheap rates per minute, so this would probably be overall less expensive than going with a prepaid phone.