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Cuckold fetish stories

Adult sex Galleries Cuckold fetish stories.

This story from woreout has been read 5 4 7 6 times. A cuckold evening out Written by woreoutongenre fetish Thursday evening at the dinner table to was telling my wife about a recent craving I was having to eat her pussy after she had been fucked. She smiled and asked if I had anyone in mind to do the fucking? I told her not really Cuckold fetish stories he needed to be black.

Thursday evening at the dinner...

She wiggled in her chair and asked why does he need to be black? I told her that the black guys always shoot deeper inside Cuckold fetish stories and their loads are larger. She said that she would work something out for tomorrow night.

All day at work Friday I kept thinking about our conversation the night before. I wasn't wearing a chastity device that day so my small cock got hard a couple of times.

I hurried home and when I walked in the house at six thirty my wife Cuckold fetish stories already dressed and ready.

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She was wearing a gray cotton dress that came a good four inches above her knees. And since it was slightly cool out her legs where covered in black nylons. She allow me much time to check her out as she rushed me back to the bathroom for a shower.

She told me my cloths where laid out on the bed and to hurry up that she was horny. After Cuckold fetish stories fast shower and shave of both my face and pubes I went to get dressed.

Right on top of my cloths was my wife's favorite chastity device. She likes the extra short stainless with a screw in stem that goes up my urethra. Cuckold fetish stories claims it makes her wet knowing that my cock it safely locked up. I put the cage on but held off on the urethra tube, I called her to insert it.

She likes that part. After licking the tube she inserts it through the end of the device and finds the opening of my penis. A little adjustment and it slides right down into my penis. She screws the end tightly to the cage.

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She kisses the stainless ball on the end of the tube then hopes up. After a quick inspection of the lock to make certain I am totally unable to get out she steps back. She called my Cuckold fetish stories and as I look up from my imprisoned little guy I see she has raised the hem of her dress to show me what's under her dress.

Surprise 40th birthday party for...

She is wearing thigh high lace top stockings. They are pulled up so the lace actually is touching her smooth shaved pussy lips. I've learned she does this do when she walks they rub her lips. I said no panties? She said they are in my bag. I'll put them on after I've been serviced. OK that's all get dressed I'm horny she said.

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She left the room and I looked down at Cuckold fetish stories cock trying it's best to get hard inside the short cage. It had the A ring pulled away from my body and my balls where being pulled too.

I told it Cuckold fetish stories just give up there is no getting out the key is on a chain around the wife's neck. I got dressed and met my wife in the den. She said we going to get her fucked before we go eat supper.

She directed me to a motel just outside Atlanta. Once in the lobby she kissed me on the cheek and told me to hang out there that she was going up to the room alone.

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