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Coolest profile pictures ever

Sexy Galleries Coolest profile pictures ever.
Very cool Facebook Profile Pictures...

The moment Facebook announced the new layout of the profile are with their Timeline cover has added spice to that part of Facebook. There are now plenty of abundant resources for both Facebook profile pictures and Cover photos alike.

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But what I believe is that the Facebook profile picture and cover photos should work in harmony to strike the balance and leave off a feeling that is unforgettable. There are many people who are using their Facebook profile picture in a very clever, creative and funny manner that simply compliments their timeline cover photo. With the addition of cover photos, much life has been breathed into your Facebook profile picture that deserves more than just a selfie.

Both the profile picture and cover photo are just a standalone image, Coolest profile pictures ever bark out creativity when combined perfectly. The guy above just showed how he is enjoying himself with a game of Angry birds with a combination of well arranged Timeline cover and Profile picture.

You can also add spice to Timeline quote covers with a glimpse of your playful side with your profile picture. The guy above just made the case with teasing himself for a candy while quoting a teaser quote. This guy above is having a fun Coolest profile pictures ever on his Facebook profile with a bit scary-at-first look.

The head is popping out into his timeline cover, with his rest of body as his profile picture. Scare away your visitors, just kidding! This internet world is full of cats and pets, so why not let that reflect on your Facebook profile?

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This guy has made use of a beautiful combination of miniature and gigantic images of himself and a cat. It is super Coolest profile pictures ever to pin up important tasks, photos, etc to a drawing board and it is time to pin your profile picture up! This guy above has made use of a matching drawing board with some stuff pinned up and used his profile picture as one of those item. Leaves of a pleasant view of the pin board. This one is a beautifully imagined Facebook profile.

The guy made use of a sketch of a dragon getting tamed by a sword and guess what? The arm of the guy in the Coolest profile pictures ever picture is holding the sword.

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This guy made use of a beautiful photobooth as the timeline cover that is taking up his photos and made use of his profile picture as one of them. This guy made use of a beautiful timeline cover of sketches of his thoughts and show that its too much to take.

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Here the guy made a beautiful timeline cover of himself lying down and integrating it the same way into his profile picture, instead of a straight profile picture. With the growth of the impact of Photoshop in this virtual world, this guy just took time t reflect his love for Coolest profile pictures ever software. The timeline cover is a piece of screenshot of the cover and his profile picture is his face cut out.

Facebook Profile Pictures are used...

The cat is used as the profile picture and the painting as the cover! Facebook is one of the best place for your social profile and why not show what you actually do? This guy just took note of it and made a beautiful cover showing what he does with a beautifully integrated profile picture. This guy is drowning himself!

This is a very playful show of the guy pouring water as a cover photo and another Coolest profile pictures ever of himself drowning as a profile picture. A piece of quote is added to actually say what he is trying to achieve here. The combination of timeline cover and profile picture makes this look more great.

This guy here made great use of his cover space to show his love for photography. He took out a little white space at the bottom of his cover to make way for his fingers and give it a more spooky look. Welcome to the show!

Creative Default Facebook profile pictures

This guy made a cool statement with his profile picture and made use of his cover photo space to drip some paint. Here the colour he used matches the colour pattern of Facebook and it gives the overall look a great feel. This guy made use of a beautiful concept and censored out his profile picture.

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This guy again makes use of gigantic and miniature combination to drop some acrylic paint over himself. But what about a tweak to that layout and yet keep matters simple? Why not spice up your profile with a new and improved default silhouette?

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You need not worry about how to create Silhouettes, David has got you covered. So, what do you Coolest profile pictures ever of this?

Now you got to accept the fact that Facebook inspires the creative genius in you and the above ideas should get your mind running and do something unconventional with your Facebook profile picture and cover photo alike. This just gives a basic idea of how powerful your Facebook profile picture could be when matched with its cover photo counterpart.

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Now, instead of just sharing how others are creatively using their Facebook timeline cover photo, I suggest you to use the above interesting timeline images as inspiration, and create a unique Fb cover picture for your self. Here are free websites to create timeline cover photo.