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How long to wait for sex when dating

Porn FuckBook How long to wait for sex when dating.

An important question every person and couple faces is how long to wait before having sex when dating. Sex is a very wonderful experience, but it can also cause a lot of pain as well.

Relationship expert Aline P. Z is a licensed psychologist and a certified sex therapist. Though the media often portrays sex and dating as having no risks besides pregnancy or disease, there can be emotional dangers.

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It is clear that at least a quarter of men and women in the U. In my book SexSmart, I talk about being able to trust as an important ingredient in being able to have emotionally connected sex with another person.

Z warns against sex with people you don't truly know.

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You risk getting hurt emotionally. If you come from a background where you already have experienced others as untrustworthy and not interested at all in your feelings, experimenting with empty or disappointing sex can further your general feelings of alienation from others, vulnerability, and depression.