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Tattooed and deployed

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His dad, too, is a Vietnam veteran who passed on his tradition of service to his only son. A combat medic, KC has put his skills to the test in some pretty tough neighborhoods. He deployed again -- on Aug.

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You stop the bleeding, clear the airway, then go on from there. Instead, he opted for the 4th Infantry Division at Fort Carson. KC is nonchalant about the change of plans. As KC shared his story, the tattoos on his arms filled in some of the gaps.

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There are the two stars, one on the back of each arm. KC got them in St. Louis during his rest-and-recuperation leave from Iraq to honor his Northern California roots and the mother back in Sacramento he says he wants to make proud.

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On the front of his right arm, a 1st Infantry Division crest commemorates the buddies he served with during 15 months in Baghdad. Not all the faces were combat losses, and not all were actually friends, Tattooed and deployed they all made deep enough an impression on KC for him to carry their memories on his arms for the rest of his days.

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One represents his grandfather, who influenced his decision to enlist. A third face represents Army Staff Sgt.

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Another face depicts his friend Cpl. Milton Gist, a cook also killed in Ramadi.

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