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I don t want to be catholic anymore

Porn Galleries I don t want to be catholic anymore.
I don t want to be catholic anymore

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Thread starter Future Protestant Start date Feb 1, Porn

Doubtlessly not the best forum for this, but I figure there are bees here from every church so hopefully somebody can help me out! I was born and raised Catholic.

I was christened, received communion and was confirmed in the church. I very much into in the things I was raised to — I believe in Jesus and accept him as my Lord. I imagine in the immaculate inkling. I believe in the Catholic idea of Heaven on earth, etc. I support gay unions and rights in the service of gay couples, I column gay adoption, I am pro-choice, I support the use of contraception, etc.

Additionally I am simple private about my certainty. I have my beliefs, but I do not go out and strive to convert anybody or spread the word of God. I also be supportive of scientific advances such as stem cell research and I believe in the theory of evolution although a skewed version I suppose.

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You can get more information here. In it, she describes her frustrations with her new parish priest and her beliefs that are different from what Christ teaches as protected and promoted by the Catholic Church. She wrote a number of concerning things in her article, but I also see a woman who is hurting, who is lost and is seeking Jesus through the confusion. In this blog post, I hope to address both topics. My year-old, however, took to the church exactly like I did as a child.

She loves the ritual and order of it; she loves the storytelling of it. And she loves the values it represents. She also described what sounds like a vibrant parish that really embraces the teachings of Christ.

I believe it takes strength to fall out these evils and advocate for change even though it is an uncomfortable topic. I also agree that it can be difficult to be a woman in the Church.

I'm a survivor of abuse about a religious Catholic when I was 4 years old. I have found the Jesuits to be the only source of warmth in the Catholic church, but as a rule we are not welcomed. Some survivors said they just hope we will all "die off. I was told I must be "bitter," when I don't pity any bitterness at all, through he didn't know how to answer me. In fact, I'm the only survivor I identify of who has been agreeable to go back to the Catholic church and very set up, wanting to see clergy as good.

The culture is song where questions are not allowed, and clergy don't see themselves as capable of making mistakes, let alone sins. I don't know if the clergy being above-sin is a teaching of the Catholic church, but it seems to be. They utter one thing and do the opposite, like the Holy Eucharist is the real Body and Blood of JESUS, but they don't use a patten when you receive communion in your mouth, and I had a priest drop the host.

When training for Eucharistic Minister, they say don't worry if you drop it, just kick the host and straddle it with your feet, it's no enormous deal. The altar is hypothetically "holy" where the Mass happens, but everybody can just put aside tromping across the altar. I saw on this site where a priest said if we believe the Catholic church has the true Eucharist, why would we consider leaving?

The regular arrogance you get in ultimate clergy. I had a vicar run me off the exigency phone line when I was bleeding heavily for 4 hours and easily could have died. The surgeon and doctors were very worried about me, sent me to the ER and pumped me full of fluids.

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Why doesn't the Church use the term "Holy Ghost" anymore?

BOISE BABES 885 A voluptuous woman 752 I don t want to be catholic anymore If you would like to make a prayer request, please submit a comment in our weekly prayer...


What if your blind date were really blind? You don't really want to be excommunicated. Should I be Catholic anymore? So, essentially, you officially defect by publicly not being a Catholic anymore. Just as there are many reasons that Catholics leave the church, there are . We don't need this anymore and I certainly don't want to have to..

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