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VietNamNet Bridge — The movement to take nude photos for charity or to protect the environment is not new in the world but in Vietnam, it seems to be unwelcome by the public. Most people said that this year-old model attempted to polish her name with the photos. Many doubted that the photos were beautified with Photoshop. I only see her naked body, with her hands barely covering her private parts, which occupies most of the pictures.

Her face is emotionless. Bui Ngoc Diep from the Institute for Educational Sciences of Vietnam said Mai phuong thuy nude pictures the authorities should have regulations on publishing nude photos on newspapers, especially on the Internet.

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Lawyer Le Dang Tung from the Truong Giang Law Office in Hanoi said that nude photos that are not porno are legal but they should be spread in a suitable way to tradition and moral values in Vietnam. Many readers also reasoned: Why did she have to take nude pictures? This question has become a hot topic in the local media. In these photos, Mi Van posed very sexy. She seemed to forget the topic of the shots. After taking these shots, Mi Van lost a number of teen fans, who believed that the girl took nude photos to advertise herself under the name of a charity project.

In recent years, a movement to Mai phuong thuy nude pictures nude pictures for charity has appeared in the showbiz industry in Vietnam. However, such photos were not praised for their aesthetics nor their meanings.

Two years ago, Miss Vietnam Mai Phuong Thuy also rose up the media when she carried out a nude photo project to raise fund for charity.

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Many people protested the project, arguing that it is contrary to Mai phuong thuy nude pictures when a Miss Vietnam takes nude picturesand that she could do charity in other ways. Thuy should not sell her nude photos to raise fund for charity. Meanwhile, model Ngoc Quyen said that she was ready to accept criticism over her nude photos.

She chose this way to protect the environment because: Many people think that it is dirty to be nude in the forest but the nature is the most beautiful when it is wild, when people mix with the nature.

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