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Recent headlines — and the following social media frenzy — have called out television personality Mike Rowe and labeled him a misogynist. RawStory ran the headline: And the negative comments poured Mike rowe asshole From Tigernan Douglas Quinn: Shania not only qualified — she won the gold medal in Masonry. Unfortunately, a few weeks later, officials learned that her true score was incorrectly entered onto the master spreadsheet. . Fridays With...

When the error was corrected, the high score belonged to a boy from another school. Thus, Shania was allowed to keep her medal, but the student with the highest score was sent to compete in her place.

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Unfortunately, as Rowe readily admitted, contest officials failed to notify Shania first of the error — she only found out when the boy who actually came in first posted to his Facebook page. No one wants a grievance filed days after the fact.

If it did, the organization would be required to ignore a clerical error, and then knowingly reward the wrong contestant. Also based on the Ohio state competition rules, Shania was entitled to keep her Mike rowe asshole medal despite the correction in scores, as it had already been awarded to her.

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He encouraged Shania not to allow anyone to define her as a victim of gender Mike rowe asshole if such a claim was untrue — which it clearly was in this case. In fact, Rowe went so far as to imply that those who signed the petition were insulting all women in the most insidious way possible — by demanding special treatment based on nothing but gender.

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How in the world is it good for women to benefit from a clerical error? When Steve Harvey mistakenly awarded the title of Ms. Columbia instead of Ms.

Philippines, should the mistake have gone uncorrected? Universe today, simply Mike rowe asshole Steve Harvey screwed up? Comedian and talk show host Steve Harvey breaks his silence about the Miss Universe pageant https: While most of the commenters cheered his takedown of a disingenuous media outlet, Alex Belush took the opportunity to ask a question: Username or Email Address.

I mean, once everybody realized...

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